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Summer Tune-up

 June 21−Sept. 3, 2018

Keep your wheels turning during the dog days of summer with an educational (and fun) workshop at the NASCAR Hall of Fame! Monday through Friday, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., join us in our Race Week exhibit on the third level to take a look at the scientific side of racing with a member of our Education staff. From tracks to car design to all-out speed, we’ll break down the road to race day.

Mondays – A Work of Parts

Explore the chassis and engine from the radiator through the rear axles. See pistons working, gears shifting and rear housing in motion. Your engine and a race engine might be more alike than you think.

Tuesdays – Tunnel Vision

Discover one of racing’s most important and unseen competitors: air. Look at how aerodynamics shapes everything from the body of the race car and the spoiler to the driver’s on-track racing strategy. You’ll also examine how a wind tunnel works and informs a team.

Wednesdays – V for Velocity

In order to win a race, you have to effectively control speed and navigation on the track; energy transfer, power and velocity must work together for you to be victorious. Explore speed by using your own energy to push and pull your way to victory on our top-speed generator.

**Program will not be available Wednesday, July 11

Thursdays – Twists and Turns

Banking and track surfaces can impact how a car handles and how well a driver maintains control, ultimately deciding whether he or she races into Victory Lane. Take a closer look at tracks and experiment with our banking surfaces to see which factors are more important: the angle of the track or the surface of the track? Or is it both?

Fridays – Life in the Fast Lane

Get up close to some of NASCAR’s integral components—pistons, restrictor plates, Goodyear racing tires and more—and even try on some of the sport’s racing gear, like a pit crew member uniform or a driver’s helmet. Learn about some of the science behind the items and, for a moment, experience racing up close.

Dates and/or items on display are subject changed. Check the for updates or ask box office staff members for updated schedule.