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2013 Hall of Honor Sneak Peek – Herb Thomas

Gathering items for display in the NASCAR Hall of Fame usually includes finding items such as helmets, trophies, car parts and maybe paper items once in a while. But one type of artifact that can be rather difficult to find is an older textile. There doesn’t seem to be many of those items that have been saved. The late 1940s – early 1950s era is very difficult to locate. Most have been used up, thrown out or have fallen apart. So imagine the thrill it was when we found an actual Herb Thomas – Keikhaefer Racing Team shirt from the mid -1950s, complete with original dirt stains! It was a red letter day for the artifact team of NHOF. The red clay used as the surface for dirt tracks is very rich in pigment and many times the dirt was mixed with used motor oil to bind the clay together. This caused strong stains which were not easily cleaned with products from the 1950s. This shirt is one of the finest examples of driver apparel that we have ever discovered.


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