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The Business and Facility

Does NASCAR own the NASCAR Hall of Fame? Who owns and operates the NASCAR Hall of Fame?

The NASCAR Hall of Fame is owned by the City of Charlotte, licensed by NASCAR and operated by the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority

Why was Charlotte chosen as the location for the NASCAR Hall of Fame?

Charlotte was chosen for three important reasons:

• Charlotte is an important link to the roots and heritage of the sport.

• The region’s rich racing history and the presence of the majority of NASCAR team headquarters, Lowe’s Motor Speedway, three driving experiences and so many other racing related support businesses creates synergy for a compelling fan experience. Imagine the opportunities available with most of the teams located in the Charlotte region, drivers and their families being so involved right in their ‘own backyard’ and the partnerships of so many providers of services….the possibilities are endless.

• The emotional and financial commitment made by the City of Charlotte and its partners such as Bank of America and Wachovia, to ensure construction of a first class facility and long term success of the Hall of Fame represented the best fit for NASCAR, the industry and the fan base.

What is NASCAR Plaza?

NASCAR Plaza is a 393,000-square-foot, 19-story, Class A office building developed by Trinity Capital, in joint venture with Rubenstein Partners, and NASCAR. A portion of NASCAR Plaza is leased by NASCAR Media Group, NASCAR Licensing, NASCAR Automotive Group and others.

How was the NASCAR Hall of Fame logo designed? What were the elements that were considered when designing it?

To capture the spirit of NASCAR, honor its champions and create an enduring tribute to all, the logo needed to be just as timeless as the place where the spirit of NASCAR lives. The icon chosen to represent the NASCAR Hall of Fame is the ‘Speed Ribbon’. The Speed Ribbon was created as the symbolic expression of the ‘speed’ and ‘spectacle’ of NASCAR. It is the most prominent, recognizable architectural feature of the building itself.