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Hard Card

Just like at the race track, your Hard Card is an all-access pass to behind-the-scenes excitement and industry expertise. Use it during your journey to get close to the action through hands-on activities and to track your achievements as you travel through the facility.

When you arrive at the NASCAR Hall of Fame, you will be given a Hard Card. Just beyond the turnstyles, you'll register your card and select a NASCAR® legend as your host. Then you'll follow the facility map around the building.

Hard Card Check in

NASCAR Hall of Fame® Challenge

Compete against other guests for the high score of the day in the NASCAR Hall of Fame Challenge. Earn up to 800 points at eight (8) different stations marked on the map that test your skill,  knowledge and performance. Check your Challenge score by choosing Check Your Hard Card at Hard Card stations.

Challenge Locations
NASCAR Hall of Fame Showdown (Level 1 – Theater Lobby)
Strategy (Level 3 – Race Week)
Inspection (Level 3 – Race Week)
Qualifying (Level 3 – Race Week)
Penalties and Scoring (Level 3 – Race Week)
Kobalt® Pit Challenge (Level 3 – Race Week)
Milestone Moments (Level 4 – Heritage Speedway)
Ultimate Fan Guide (Level 4 – Heritage Speedway)


Click here if you've already visited the Hall and want to access the data on your Hard Card.