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110 Years of Ford Racing Exhibit

Throughout the history of Ford Motor Company, racing success has equaled sales success. At the dawn of the automobile, manufacturers entered their cars in races to prove to the public that their product was reliable, fast, and better than their competition. This spirit continued throughout the founding and growth of NASCAR, where the spirit of “win on Sunday, sell on Monday” proved to be a valuable marketing tool.

Since 1901 Ford has been linked to performance on the track, through direct involvement, engineering support, and product development. Here we celebrate Ford’s 110 years of racing success, retracing its origin and its involvement in NASCAR by displaying 3 cars that span that 110 years. From Henry Ford’s 1901 Sweepstakes racer to Curtis Turner’s 1956 Ford to Carl Edwards’ 2011 Nationwide Series Mustang. I addition a collection of artifacts demonstrate the teams and drivers that Ford has worked with to keep the Blue Oval in Victory Lane.

On exhibit through mid-January 2012.