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NASCAR Hall of Fame High Points

Source: Charlotte Observer  

April 05, 2009

"Three kinds of people come to museums – streakers, strollers and studiers," says Winston Kelley, executive director of the NASCAR Hall of Fame. "We want something for all of them."

The 130,000-square-foot Hall fronting Martin Luther King Boulevard and Brevard Street will include parking for more than 1,000 vehicles, a restaurant, shops, broadcast studios and the NASCAR Newsroom.

Among the attractions:

-- Ceremonial Plaza. Exterior site for Hall of Fame ceremonies.

-- Fan collection. Things racing enthusiasts have donated, from die-cast collections to race day tickets to posters.

-- Full Throttle Theater. A 250-seat auditorium showing films on NASCAR history and orientation for visitors.

-- Great Hall. A greeting area with rotating displays, video scenes.

-- Glory Road. Banked ramp leading to the second floor with 15 to 18 historic cars.

-- Hall of Honor. Where NASCAR Hall of Fame inductees will be honored.

-- Heritage Speedway. Galleries recounting NASCAR's history.

-- NASCAR Vault. Exhibition hall.

-- Transporter. A full-size car transporter that serves as a team's trackside nerve center.

-- Simulators. Visitors can sit in a driver's seat and share the experience of a race. Riders take the steering wheel to feel what it's like to slip through a corner on dirt or on asphalt.

-- Week in the Life. An exhibit showing what teams go through preparing a car for race day.

What's next?

NASCAR's office building, a private tower next to the Hall with NASCAR's media group and other offices, will open this spring.

Charlotte City Council is to vote April 13 on awarding contracts for exhibit builders, which will include simulators and other interactive attractions.

The Hall of Fame building should be enclosed by June. Exhibit installation will begin in December. Everything should be in place by mid-April 2010, when the Hall will host its first function – a reception for the National Rifle Association Convention being held at the adjacent Charlotte Convention Center.