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US Airways Flight 1549 Crew Receives Hall of Fame Bricks

Source: City of Charlotte Advisory  

February 23, 2009

Charlotte Mayor Patrick McCrory honored the heroism of the crew that safely landed US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River at a ceremony on February 22.

“This provided the City of Charlotte the opportunity to say thank you to the crew for returning our Charlotte citizens safely back home,” stated Mayor McCrory. “It was an honor to meet the Crew and thank them in person for their heroism.”

During the ceremony, the Mayor presented the crew with a Proclamation and replica of the bricks that will be placed in their honor at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. The bricks will be a reminder of their heroism for future generations to reflect upon.

Many flight passengers also attended the ceremony and were recognized during the event for their cooperation and heroism during the emergency landing.