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Member Testimonial - A Letter to the Hall

January 07, 2011

I need to tell you a fun story about my 9 year old son Cole.  Cole received a youth membership from Santa (me) for Christmas and he and I visited the Hall twice the week between Christmas and New Year. 

He LOVES the interactive area changing tires, radio and TV coverage and of course the simulators.  As we were walking to the car after our second visit that week he looks at me and says, "Dad, they shouldn't call this place The NASCAR Hall of Fame, they need to call it The NASCAR Hall of Awesome!"  Any time I tell him I'm driving into Charlotte from our home in Mooresville he wants to know if he can come too and we will go to the Hall.  Thank you for creating a great family atmosphere and a place that I can build family memories not only with Cole but my duaghters and wife as well.

I look forward to spending more time at The NASCAR Hall of Awesome this year and for many years to come.


Byard S.