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Team Building


Through racing-inspired challenges and activities, the NASCAR Hall of Fame offers unique ways for groups to collaborate and grow. Our experienced staff will lead your team through a variety of exercises that encourage them to work together in friendly, if fierce, competition.

Checkered Flag Challenge (2 1/2–3 hours): Just like a NASCAR team, this team build is designed to engage participants in healthy competition by completing a series of challenges. Teams track their success to see who can make it to Victory Lane and take home the checkered flag.

Who’s on the Team?: During this ice breaker and introduction, individuals learn how each position on a NASCAR team fuels the group’s success. Once these dynamics are understood, your team members will match vital positions like “crew chief” and “engineer” to roles in your organization, keeping in mind the skills and talents each brings to the organization.

Team Building Pit Crew Challenge

Team Point Challenges: In a test of collaboration and strategy, teams will complete in a series of challenges while racing against other teams for points.

Pit Crew Challenge: Can you change a tire, refuel and jack a car in 12 seconds? During a fast-paced, physical competition, participants race the clock—and teammates—in an attempt to match this professional pit crew standard.

Team Building Simulator

Drive!: Take professional driving out for a spin! Team members will attempt to qualify by posting time at the end of the season. Top marks among coworkers take home bragging rights.

Race!: In a computer-simulated race, individuals will face off with up to 14 colleagues in an attempt to be the fastest and most accurate driver on the NASCAR track. This activity is both physically and mentally challenging.

Team Building Scavenger Hunt

Who is that Driver?: Through a scavenger hunt and activities, teams compete against the clock and one another to uncover one of NASCAR’s greatest drivers. Teamwork is a must as an official will be watching and issuing penalties for teams who “bend” the rules.

Design, Build and Race a Car: Leaders, implementers, creative thinkers and followers—they should all come together like a well-oiled machine. Use problem solving and communication skills, teams will create, build and test three cars, all made with unique materials, to race against opposing teams’ inventions. The victor is the group whose car travels the farthest.

Shoot-Out: The final push for points all comes down to knowledge. In a head-on competition, teams will answer rapid-fire questions. Here, sharp minds mean the different between first or second place and bragging rights for a year.

History of NASCAR Film: Learn more about racing and its roots through this heart-pounding film in our High Octane Theater.

NASCAR Hall of Fame Highlight Tour (optional, 30 minutes): Take part in a staff-led exploration of the Hall of Fame, highlighting the sport’s past and future through its artifacts and stories.