Race Week Hours: The Hall will be open from 10 AM - 6 PM on May 23-27 and opens at 9 AM on Saturday, May 25.
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Opens at 10am


Opens at 10am


Opens at 10am

Donate an Artifact to the Hall

The NASCAR Hall of Fame is seeking the donation of objects that fulfill our mission to collect, preserve, exhibit and promote the heritage and history of NASCAR.

Artifact Guidelines

We're interested in collecting objects that represent the following areas of NASCAR racing:

  • Competition
  • Innovation
  • Awards
  • Administrative or business activities of drivers, teams, tracks, mechanics, etc.
  • Archival material including books, printed material, documents, images and media
  • Personal items of NASCAR icons or related personalities

We're not actively collecting the following: tribute material, works of art, mass produced/marketed collectibles and dangerous or unstable material.

What do you have?

If you're interested in donating an item, please complete this form. A member of our curatorial team will review your submission.

The NASCAR Hall of Fame does not purchase individual objects or collections.

The NASCAR Hall of Fame does borrow items of interest for upcoming exhibitions.

The NASCAR Hall of Fame is unable to provide values for items or collections.



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