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Our program is built on the foundation to help your race team function at its best.

Get the best out of your team

In order to succeed at the highest level, NASCAR teams have to maximize the talents of each team member. Each specific role is critical to the success of the entire team and ultimately crossing the line in first. This orchestrated teamwork requires precision, like a perfectly coordinated pit stop, as well as effective communication, like the driver and crew chief discussing tire pressure.

Our Programs

Competitive & Collaborative

Whether your team craves a competitive program that focuses on communication and working together, or a collaborative program that emphasizes communication and strategic problem solving, our engaging team build programs are designed to bring your team closer together.

Our competitive and collaborative team build programs can be customized with interchangeable modules to cater to your team's specific need or area of improvement.

Both programs include:

  • Day of admission to the Hall
  • Dedicated staff throughout the program
  • Activities targeted to meet objectives
  • A professional photo for team leader and individuals to keep

Competitive Team Build

This popular program includes a full group ice breaker, featuring a communication exercise or peer strength finder, followed by our one of a kind team point competition. The competition portion features various physical activities within the Hall of Fame that your team must master to earn points. You and your team will need to use your productivity and creative skills to design a superior self-propelled car using a variety of components. The competitive team build finishes with a short, customized trivia game featuring questions about your team and the Hall of Fame.

Collaborative Team Build

This program focuses on team problem solving. You and your team members will need to use your unique and individual skills to work together to solve various physical and strategic issues. Next, you will be given resources to help for your final task—building a functioning self-propelled car. At the end of the program, your team will present your findings and explain what you’ve learned.

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