Opens at 10am


Opens at 10am


Opens at 10am

Immerse Yourself in
History & Innovation

Explore Glory Road, complete the Pit Crew Challenge, broadcast a race, delve into the archives and create a personalized digital scrapbook to enjoy after your visit.

Create a Digital Scrapbook of Your Visit

Engage with interactive exhibits and curate photos, videos and personalized content. Relive your visit after you leave with a unique digital scrapbook.

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See Glory Road
like never before

Witness the historical significance of each car and see 360-degree views from inside the cockpit.

the action

Have you ever wondered what it's like to broadcast a live NASCAR race? Call a race from the booth or be a play-by-play announcer in the turns for the MRN crew. Announcing not your thing? Experience the thrill of being the director of a FOX broadcast as you push the buttons behind the scenes.

Radio broadcast interactive

Pit Crew

Jack up the car, change a tire with a real airgun and fill up the fuel tank. Challenge your friends to a head-to-head competition, compete in teams or complete an entire pit stop by yourself.

Activities for Gearheads

The Inside NASCAR exhibit offers car enthusiasts and aspiring engineers new and interesting ways to get under the hood.


EngineAR Experience

See inside an engine through augmented reality with this award-winning exhibit.

Anatomy of a

Anatomy of aRace Car

Take apart a virtual race car too see how the parts and pieces work.

Racing simulators

Get behind the wheel of one of eight NASCAR stock car replicas outfitted with iRacing technology. The tracks are laser scanned, millimeter-accurate replicas of the originals. Enjoy an updated spectator screen and a digital leaderboard showing the top times of the day.

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Join Our League

Ready to take your sim racing to the next level? Put your skills to the test in our competitive members-only league.

Historical Archives

Throughout our Heritage Speedway exhibit you'll find interactives that catalog the sport's most significant contributors. In the Stock Car Evolution interactive you'll see how racecars have changed through the decades from the 1940's to present day.



Catalogs of contributors: drivers, owners, crew chiefs and more.

Stock Car

Stock CarEvolution

Learn the history behind the evolution of NASCAR racecars.


From the high banks of Daytona to the short track at Bristol, there have been incredible finishes throughout the history of the sport. View an archive collection of NASCAR's greatest finishes in the highest quality available. Watch them during your visit, vote for your favorites and add them to your digital scrapbook to view on your own device.


With an innovative track projection system, interact and learn about NASCAR tracks from around the country. Compare the sizes, learn their history and watch a virtual lap around each speedway.

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