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Education Field Trip Scholarship Application


The NASCAR Hall of Fame Foundation is honored to offer student scholarships in part thanks to the generous support of our sponsors and employees of the NASCAR Hall of Fame and NASCAR.


Individual teachers and/or schools may apply for scholarship funds to support educational learning experiences at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Funds are intended for economically challenged students participating in field trip experiences. The percentage of students who are eligible to receive scholarships is based on poverty data for each school in which at least 30% of the school’s student population is designated as economically challenged based on Free and Reduced Lunch Price (FRP) meal data, Title I data, Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) meal data or other federally recognized measures of poverty*.

Scholarship Application Form

Please email your completed form to nhoffoundation@nascarhall.com.

*The school's economically challenged student percentage may be based on Title I, Free & Reduced Lunch data, Community Eligibility Program (CEP) data or other legally recognized measures.

**Electronic signature acknowledgement confirms you've completed this form truthfully to the best of your abilities and is an indication of your agreement to the terms of our education scholarship application.

Education Field Trip Scholarship Application FAQs

Do I receive the funds directly or are they applied to my account/record with the NASCAR Hall of Fame Foundation (i.e. do I get cash?) icon

There is no cash generated by NASCAR Hall of Fame Foundation scholarships. NHOF Foundation scholarship funds awarded are applied to the school’s invoice generated on the date the school is scheduled to come for their education workshop. The actual amount applied to the invoice (as a scholarship credit) is based on the number of students who show up on the day of the visit and attend the workshop at the Hall of Fame. The school is responsible for paying any remaining balance and will be indicated on the invoice.

From the time I submit an application, when should I anticipate a response regarding the awarding of scholarship funds? icon

Typically the school should receive a response within 2-3 weeks of the end of the application period (see Question 5).

What if I do not use all the money for the scholarship? Can I use it for another visit? icon

No. The scholarship funds are awarded as a percentage only for the number of students who attend the workshops, so there should be no credits.

What are my obligations for the support? What do I need to do after the visit? (i.e. Photos, blog post, social media?) icon

The requirements for follow-up communications with the NHOF Education staff and/or the Group Sales Manager are outlined in the NHOF Foundation Scholarship Process and Application documents.

How will I be notified? icon

Each applicant will be notified by email.

What grade levels are the funds available for? Pre-K, Elementary, Middle School, High School? icon

Currently scholarship funds are available for grades pre-k – 8th grade.

Are funds only available to public schools? Are charter or independent schools eligible? icon

The guidelines for eligibility are outlined in the NHOF Foundation’s Scholarship Procedure document.

Are funds available for non-schools; such as after-school programs, camps, clubs, and home schools? icon

Not at this time. The NHOF Foundation will evaluate additional outlets for scholarship recipients as funding and space are available.

If a school is already booked through Group Sales for the school year, can they still apply for Foundation scholarships? icon

Yes. Please fill out the online application.

Is there a maximum amount of students that can receive funding? icon

The Foundation will award scholarships based on funds available.

Can same school apply annually or multiple times in a school year? icon

The Foundation’s mission is to share scholarship funds with a broad geographic spectrum of schools. We will evaluate each application on its own merit, but we want to give all schools that meet eligibility guidelines an opportunity to win scholarship funds for their students. Because we currently serve students from 17 states, we request each school apply only once per school year.

Is there a waiting period of eligibility to apply again after a school receives funding? icon

Each application will be judged on its own merit; winning scholarship funds in a prior year does not preclude a school from winning funds again, nor does it guarantee an additional award of scholarship funds.

If a school is already booked through group sales for the school year, can they still apply for foundation funding? icon

Yes, as long as the application is received during the two open application windows:

  • August 1 through September 30 for Fall/Winter education workshops.
  • January 1 through February 28 for Spring education workshops.

How do you choose which applicants receive scholarships? icon

Scholarship applications are reviewed throughout the school year. Applicants will be notified of the decision by email.

Applications will be placed in a Prioritized category as follows:

  • Priority 1: New applicant with strong Teaching Relevance and Connection
  • Priority 2: New applicant with weak Teaching Relevance and Connection
  • Priority 3: Prior applicant with strong Teaching Relevance and Connection
  • Priority 4: Prior applicant with weak Teaching Relevance and Connection

How do you define “strong/weak Teaching Relevance and Connection”? icon

To demonstrate a strong teaching relevance and connection, please explain exactly the topic studied in the classroom (for instance friction as a force, not science or force in motion).

How do I apply? icon

Schools must submit the following via email (faxes not accepted):

  • Completed application form, including principal’s signature verifying the information contained in the application is accurate.
  • Applications submitted without the principal’s signature are considered incomplete applications. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed by the Foundation Scholarship team.
  • We must have specific date(s) of your visit to complete your application. If you need to change the date, you may do so as long as the date remains within the time period in which you originally applied.

What do the scholarships cover? icon

Admission and education workshop costs for students and group leaders/chaperones (per NHOF established ratio of one chaperone free for every 10 students in attendance) to visit the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

What if my student count changes? icon

Please be as accurate as possible estimating how many of your students will participate in the field trip. This will allow your classroom and other students in need of admission assistance to have a field trip this school year.

Once you are awarded the admission scholarship, we understand that your student count may fluctuate. If your student count increases after you have received approval for a scholarship, this must be covered by the school.

If there is a reduction in the number of students, this will be reflected in your scholarship.

What season and days are best to come to the NASCAR Hall of Fame? icon

The spring season is the Hall’s busiest time for school groups; during the week, Thursdays and Fridays are the most popular. We recommend Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday field trips when possible.

Field trips/numbers are limited on a given day.