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Opens tomorrow at 10am


Opens tomorrow at 10am

10 Seconds Flat
Middle School



6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade


45 Minutes





Student Objectives

10 Seconds Flat

  • Demonstrate ability to read a map and use a key to determine distance
  • Calculate response to key questions based on informational reading
  • Understand the role of a travel coordinator for a NASCAR race team
  • Plot routes and stops using a travel itinerary
  • Understand the role of math in NASCAR through a real-world activity

Download a PDF of this lesson


1. Pencil
Ruler or tape measure
Download one of the five travel itineraries (download PDF)
Download travel coordinator worksheet (download PDF)
U.S. road map (online option available)

Lesson Plan and Procedures

1. Gather supplies and materials, including downloads. You can either print one of the five travel itineraries and worksheet, or you can use them online. Review the documents, questions and NASCAR background information as needed
Complete the questions on the corresponding worksheet.
Send your answers to and a member of the education team will review and respond.

Good luck!

NASCAR Background Information

NASCAR’s top three touring series – the NASCAR Cup Series, Xfinity Series and Gander/RV Truck Series – have intense travel schedules. Travel coordinators for a race team are responsible for managing both crew transportation heading to the track (flights, ground transportation, hotels, food, etc.) as well as ensuring the hauler arrives. The hauler – or mobile race shop (tractor trailer) – is the working shop, garage and staging ground for the team. The hauler transports two race cars prepared by the home shop to the track each weekend. The primary car (used for the scheduled race) and the backup car (used in case the primary fails or wrecks before race day) are loaded onto a platform at the top of the trailer. Stored below the cars is everything from tools and supplies to radios for communication and uniforms. Also, the hauler serves as the race shop where meetings are held, sponsors and fans get to meet crew members and strategies are planned. Without the travel coordinator and hauler driver(s), teams would not have this mobile shop.

Each team has their own individual hauler based on the car number. But some of the larger teams like Team Penske, Hendricks and Gibbs may have up to four haulers at the track at one time. The travel coordinator is not just assigned to one team or car; they may be coordinating multiple car teams for a single race.

The data sheet provided and questions asked are testing both your math and geography skills as well as giving you a chance to step into the role of a travel coordinator for a team. Each of the itineraries are slightly different – challenge yourself to complete as many as you can.

Questions? Contact the NASCAR Hall of Fame education team at