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Petty Family’s
75th Year in Racing

Browse the greatest Curators' Corner Petty-family articles written by the NASCAR Hall of Fame's Tom Jensen.

Celebrating Racing Royalty

In honor of the Petty family's 75th anniversary in racing, the Hall has curated a selection of standout articles from the Curators' Corner, highlighting the family's remarkable legacy, artifacts and contributions to the sport of NASCAR.

Lee Petty Won the First Daytona 500

The Patriarch of the Petty family won the first Daytona 500 in 1959, and the NASCAR Hall of Fame has some remarkable artifacts from his victory.

Richard Petty Daytona Insights

When it comes to the Daytona 500, there can be only one king. Or more correctly, only one “The King,” a/k/a Richard Petty. With seven victories in the 500, Petty stands in a class by himself. No one has even come close to the records Petty set in NASCAR’s biggest race.

Petty Patriarch Tough Love

What looked like a cold-hearted act by Lee Petty was in reality a good business decision. And his son bounced back nicely.

Maurice Petty Powered Petty Enterprises

Maurice Petty, also known simply as 'Chief' powered Petty Enterprises' engine program that helped his father, brother and others to Victory Lane.

Dale Inman and the Powers Behind the Throne

Dale Inman, Richard Petty's cousin, revolutionized what it meant to be a crew member and became one of the first, if not the first, "Crew Chief".

Glory Road:
75 Years

Adam Petty's 2000 Monte Carlo, on loan from the Petty Museum, is featured on Glory Road: 75 Years. Adam followed his father, grandfather and great-grandfather into NASCAR and made his NASCAR Busch Grand National Series debut at age 18.


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