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NASCAR Trivia: 20 Questions

Think you know your NASCAR history? Here’s a 20-question trivia quiz to test your knowledge of the sport and its stars.

1. Who was the first driver to win consecutive NASCAR premier series championships?

A. Tim Flock
B. Lee Petty
C. Buck Baker
D. Herb Thomas

Photo courtesy of NASCAR Archives & Research Center via Getty Images

2. What was Jack Ingram’s (2014) nickname?

A. The Iron Man
B. Ironhead
C. The Iron Sheik
D. Iron Heart

3. At which two tracks did Richard Petty (2010) win the most races?

A. Charlotte and Daytona
B. Daytona and Richmond
C. Richmond and Martinsville
D. Martinsville and North Wilkesboro

Photo courtesy of NASCAR Archives & Research Center via Getty Images

4. What nickname was Joe Weatherly (2015) known by?

A. The Clown Prince of Stock Car Racing
B. Shorty
C. Gentleman Joe
D. The Golden Boy

5. Where did Dale Earnhardt (2010) win his first premier series race?

A. Bristol
B. Talladega
C. Daytona
D. Rockingham

Photo courtesy of NASCAR Archives & Research Center via Getty Images

6. In which season did Tim Flock (2014) win the most races?

A. 1952
B. 1953
C. 1955
D. 1956

7. Which NASCAR Hall of Famer was responsible for bringing Dodge back into NASCAR in 2001?

A. Roger Penske
B. Ray Evernham
C. Joe Gibbs
D. Rick Hendrick

Photo courtesy of NASCAR Archives & Research Center/CQ-Roll Call Group via Getty Images

8. How many consecutive poles did David Pearson (2011) win at Charlotte Motor Speedway?

A. 5
B. 7
C. 9
D. 11

9. What movie character was Herb Thomas (2013) and his car an inspiration for?

A. Stroker Ace
B. Doc Hudson
C. Ricky Bobby
D. Cole Trickle

Photo courtesy of NASCAR Archives & Research Center via Getty Images

10. What year did Glen Wood (2012) form Wood Brothers Racing?

A. 1948
B. 1950
C. 1952
D. 1954

11. How many of Hall of Famer Rusty Wallace’s (2013) 55 career premier series race victories came driving for Roger Penske (2019)?

A. 17
B. 27
C. 37
D. 47

12. Where did Wendell Scott (2015) score his only premier series race victory?

A. Martinsville
B. Jacksonville
C. Greenville
D. Asheville-Weaverville

13. Who is the only driver to win a Winston Cup, a Nextel Cup and a Sprint Cup?

A. Jimmie Johnson
B. Tony Stewart
C. Jeff Gordon
D. Kyle Busch

14. Bobby Isaac (2016) set a single-season record in 1969 that still stands today. What is it?

A. Most race wins
B. Most poles
C. Most consecutive top fives
D. Most DNFs

15. Which Hall of Fame driver holds the record for consecutive victories in the Southern 500?

A. David Pearson
B. Cale Yarborough
C. Dale Earnhardt
D. Jeff Gordon

Photo courtesy of NASCAR Archives & Research Center via Getty Images

16. What is the most recent track to only host a single premier series race?

A. Five Flags Speedway
B. Meyer Speedway
C. Dixie Speedway
D. Golden Gate Speedway

17. Rick Hendrick (2017) formed the team today called Hendrick Motorsports in 1984. What was the team originally named?

A. Hall of Fame Racing
B. All-Star Racing
C. Champion Motorsports
D. Mr. H Motorsports

Photo courtesy of Donald Miralle/Getty Images

18. What year did Roger Penske (2019) win his first race as a NASCAR team owner?


19. What record did Fred Lorenzen (2015) set in 1963?

A. First driver to win consecutive Daytona 500s
B. Most poles in a single season
C. Most runner-up finishes in a season
D. Most money earned in a season

20. How many NASCAR Convertible Division races did Hall of Famer Curtis Turner (2016) win?

A. 38
B. 28
C. 18
D. 8

Answer Key:

1. Correct answer: C. Baker (2013) won in 1956 driving a Chrysler for team owner Carl Kiekhaefer and again in 1957 driving his own Chevrolet, a replica of which is on the current Glory Road exhibit.

2. Correct answer: A. One of the toughest racers ever in what is today known as the NASCAR Xfinity Series, Ingram is a five-time series champion.

3. Correct answer: D. Although he posted big victory totals at several tracks, “The King” won the most races at Martinsville Speedway and North Wilkesboro Speedway. At the two southern short tracks, Petty won a remarkable 15 races at each track.

4. Correct answer: A. Weatherly, a two-time NASCAR premier series champion, was known for great sense of humor and for pranking his fellow competitors.

5. Correct answer: A. “The Intimidator” scored his first victory in NASCAR’s top division on April 1, 1979, when he drove Rod Osterlund’s No 2 Chevrolet to victory in the Southeastern 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway. The win paid $19,800.

6. Correct answer: C. While Flock had a number of good seasons, including his first title run in 1952, in 1955 he won 18 times in 39 starts driving one of team owner Carl Kiekhaefer’s dominant Chryslers.

7. Correct answer: B. Evernham (2018) was hired away from Hendrick Motorsports to build Dodge’s NASCAR program from the ground up, which he did quite successfully.

8. Correct answer: D. From October 7, 1973 until October 8, 1978, Pearson won an incredible 11 consecutive poles at Charlotte Motor Speedway, all while driving the powerhouse No. 21 Wood Brothers Racing Mercury.

9. Correct answer: B. Doc Hudson was one of the main characters in the original “Cars” feature film. The character was loosely based on the career of Thomas, who drove “The Fabulous Hudson Hornet” in the early years of NASCAR.

10. Correct answer: B. NASCAR’s oldest race team in continuous service was founded in Stuart, Virginia, in 1950.

11. Correct answer: C. Wallace and Penske proved to be a fast and long-lasting partnership, won that saw Wallace score two-thirds of his premier series races wins in cars fielded by Penske.

12. Correct answer: B. On December 1, 1963, Scott wheeled his 1962 Chevrolet to victory in the Jacksonville 200 at Speedway Park in Jacksonville, Florida.

13. Correct answer: B. Stewart won a Winston Cup in 2002, a Nextel Cup in 2005 and a Sprint Cup in 2011. In Stewart’s final championship season, he won five of 10 playoff races after going winless in the 26-race regular season.

14. Correct answer: B. Driving the powerhouse K&K Insurance Dodge owned by Nord Krauskopf, Isaac earned 19 poles. Isaac won 17 races that season, including 11 where he qualified on the pole.

15. Correct answer: D. From 1995-1998, Gordon (2019) won the Southern 500 four straight times. No one else has won it more than twice in a row.

16. Correct answer: B. On June 23, 1971, the NASCAR premier series staged its first and only race at Meyer Speedway, a half-mile paved oval in Houston, Texas. In that race, Hall of Famer Bobby Allison (2011). bested a 14-car field to take home the $2,200 first place prize money.

17. Correct answer: B. The original plan was for country singer Kenny Rogers to be a partner in Hendrick’s team, with Richard Petty driving, hence the All-Star Racing name. Though that didn’t work out, Hendrick and his team went on to enjoy great success in NASCAR.

18. Correct answer: B. After years of success in the IndyCar and sports car ranks, Penske broke through in the premier series in the 1973. His driver, Mark Donohue, won the season-opening Winston Western 500 at Riverside International Raceway in Southern California.

19. Correct answer: D. Known as “The Golden Boy,” Illinois native Lorenzen earned $122,587 in 1963, making him the first driver to earn more than $100,000 in a single season. The previous record was $70,742 won by Hall of Famer Joe Weatherly (2015) in 1962.

20. Correct answer: A. While Turner won 17 of 184 premier series races, he won nearly half his NASCAR Convertible Division races, winning 38 times in just 79 starts. Turner’s best season in a convertible was 1956, when he won 22 of his 42 races.

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