Opens tomorrow at 10am


Opens tomorrow at 10am


Opens tomorrow at 10am


For the first time ever, the NASCAR Hall of Fame’s signature Glory Road exhibit will feature 18 cars handpicked by a special guest curator – Dale Earnhardt Jr.



Jan. 11, 2020


Dale Earnhardt Jr.


18 Championship-winning cars
33-Degrees of banking

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Please note: the next generation of this exhibit will be installed January 9-13. The Hall will be closed during this time.

For the fourth generation of the exhibit, the NASCAR Hall of Fame and Dale Earnhardt Jr. worked together to create a collection unlike any other, celebrating the champions and championship moments of the sport.

Dale Jr.: Glory Road Champions showcases a lineup of 18 premier series championship cars that are instantly recognizable by fans for their significance in some of the most memorable races and championship seasons in NASCAR. Current and historic speedways from across the country are illustrated as well, where guests can touch the texture of various tracks and feel the intense banking that drivers face week-to-week.

In our new podcast series below, the Hall's curatorial team provides a snapshot of each car and the champion behind the wheel.

1980 Champion: Dale Earnhardt
Chevrolet Monte Carlo

1994 Champion: Dale Earnhardt
Chevrolet Lumina

1964 Champion: Richard Petty
Plymouth Belvedere

1979 Champion: Richard Petty
Oldsmobile Cutlass 442

2006 Champion: Jimmie Johnson
Chevrolet Monte Carlo

2016 Champion: Jimmie Johnson
Chevrolet SS

1997 Champion: Jeff Gordon
Chevrolet Monte Carlo

1968 Champion: David Pearson
Ford Torino

As of April 14, 2022, David Pearson's 1968 Ford Torino has been replaced with Person's 1966 Championship-winning Dodge.

Two years after their successful 1964 season, Pearson drove this 1966 Dodge to his first championship in 1966. Photo courtesy of NASCAR Research & Archives Center via Getty Images

A pair of Hall of Famers from South Carolina teamed up in the early 1960s to be one of NASCAR’s most potent duos, winning a championship in 1966. Their success actually began two years earlier when driver David Pearson (2011) and car owner Cotton Owens (2013) had their first big season together, winning eight races in the white No. 6 Owens Dodge on display here. Although later in his career Pearson would become famous for his prowess on superspeedways, in 1964, he won all eight of his races on short tracks, seven of which were on dirt.

1978 Champion: Cale Yarborough
Oldsmobile Cutlass 442

1981 Champion: Darrell Waltrip
Buick Regal

2002 Champion: Tony Stewart
Pontiac Grand Prix

1951 Champion: Herb Thomas
Hudson Hornet

1957 Champion: Buck Baker
Chevrolet 150

1973 Champion: Benny Parsons
Chevrolet Chevelle

1983 Champion: Bobby Allison
Buick Regal

1988 Champion: Bill Elliott
Ford Thunderbird

1989 Champion: Rusty Wallace
Pontiac Grand Prix

1992 Champion: Alan Kulwicki
Ford Thunderbird

Dale Jr.: Glory Road Champions opened to the public on Saturday, January 11, 2020 and will be on display for approximately three years.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images.

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